Water supports economic growth in every sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. Mining, agriculture, commercial fishing, aquaculture, maritime industries, urban development, and tourism depend on abundant and healthy water and coastal resources. This demand, paired with the dynamics of climate change, strains water supplies and is altering landscapes and the quality of life in communities throughout the region.

Tetra Tech helps public and private sector clients effectively manage these resources. Our services are applicable to all types of water challenges—from the high Andes, where water supplies are threatened by glacial retreat, to sea level, where commercial fisheries and other marine life are vulnerable to the impacts of new and expanded industrial ports and their increasing traffic of cargo vessels. Governments, businesses, and communities are increasingly aware that water and coastal resources are essential assets.

Tetra Tech’s water resources and coastal engineering experts are helping our clients find impactful solutions to these complex challenges in the following service areas:

  • Industrial and municipal water resources engineering
  • Coastal engineering and marine resource management
  • Water and agriculture
  • Climate change vulnerability assessments
  • Groundwater studies and remediation