Owners and operators of waste systems are under increasing pressure to implement practices that protect the environment, function economically, and improve sustainability over the long term. Emerging regulations governing greenhouse gas emissions are changing how communities monitor and report their waste processing and disposal practices. To address these needs, Tetra Tech provides wide-ranging skills in science, engineering, construction, operations, and regulatory compliance.

Engineering News-Record magazine has ranked Tetra Tech the #1 Solid Waste and #1 Environmental Management firm in the United States. Tetra Tech has the experience and resources to provide solutions to the most complex waste management challenges. Our expertise spans the full life cycle of solid waste facility development projects, from planning, permitting, and design, to construction and operations.

Tetra Tech provides turnkey design of solid waste processing, transfer, and disposal facilities. Our clients range from rural communities to large metropolitan solid waste authorities and the largest private waste management firms in the world.

Local communities are changing the way they view their solid waste resources, due in part to the emergence of new waste conversion technologies. Tetra Tech has worked with clients to evaluate technologies such as anaerobic digestion, gasification, and pyrolysis to determine if these technologies can be incorporated into their local waste management systems. Tetra Tech also has evaluated, designed, constructed, and operated innovative systems to convert landfill gas to energy.

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