Founded in 2002, TriEco LLC is an environmental consulting firm based in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2005, TriEco became a Small Business Administration (SBA) certified 8(a) firm and formed an approved mentor-protégé relationship with Tetra Tech in 2006. TriEco graduated from the program in 2013.

The firms’ mentor-protégé relationship exemplifies the spirit and intent of the program through which a large firm nurtures the growth, competitiveness, and profitability of a small business. The relationship began in 2005, when Tetra Tech supported TriEco on an environmental oversight contract for hazardous materials remediation with the Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

“Trust and excellent technical solutions are central to our success” is how Talwar described the relationship, which has enhanced TriEco’s management capabilities, cost performance, gross revenue, and net income. “Establishing compatibility was earned as we worked on projects in which we were entrusted with more varied and complex assignments.”

Through the SBA Mentor-Protégé agreement, TriEco has gained valuable knowledge from Tetra Tech in how to conduct business with the federal government, including training in procurement best practices, improvements to financial systems, and health and safety to protect workers.

Neil Talwar, President, TriEco

The TriEco-Tetra Tech team has secured more than $200M of contract capacity with U.S. federal agencies, resulting in the dramatic growth for TriEco. Through its combined capabilities, the team provides specialized services in hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste cleanup.

Among the team’s successes is its support of Department of Defense entities at 35 locations. Services include environmental engineering, remediation, compliance to munitions response, and alternative energy design and construction. TriEco performs the most munitions response architecture-engineering work of any small business firm for Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest. The Tetra Tech-TriEco team has received two Navy STAR awards for safety excellence and maintains excellent CPAR ratings.

“TriEco employed three people when their 8(a) participation with Tetra Tech began. Today, they employ 26 people,” says Michael Wanta, Tetra Tech’s relationship manager with TriEco. “Although TriEco has graduated from the 8(a) program, its relationship with Tetra Tech is stronger than ever, and we continue to work together on IDIQ contracts that are in the process of being executed.”

As a mentor, Tetra Tech supported TriEco with its accounting and invoicing processes and procedures, records management, cost estimating, strategic planning for business and financial management, quality assurance and quality control, project management and project management training, procurement training, and business development.

Wanta characterizes TriEco and Tetra Tech as having a “good, solid, trusting relationship that is still growing after SBA’s 8(a) program.” According to both Talwar and Wanta, the best is yet to come.

About TriEco

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, TriEco LLC provides services related to environmental consulting, engineering, and remediation; radioactive material investigation, remediation and disposal; UXO investigation, engineering, and removal; and lead and asbestos remediation. The firm is certified by the Kentucky Minority Business Council as a Minority Business Enterprise.