Tetra Tech offers specialized science and engineering expertise to support our clients’ most complex transportation infrastructure challenges in the circumpolar region. Our vast experience in planning, designing, and constructing public transportation projects in arctic and northern regions includes seasonal winter and ice roads, all-weather roads, highways, railways, airstrips, airports, and marine infrastructure.

As commercial industries increase efforts to tap vast natural resources in the circumpolar region, shipping activities in the Arctic have increased and become more costly. Tetra Tech’s scientists and engineers provide clear solutions to help our clients leverage their investments in transportation infrastructure through studies and designs that provide successful, enduring projects that withstand the region’s severe climate.

Our services include:

  • Road routing and location assessment in permafrost terrain
  • Geotechnical and permafrost engineering
  • Hydrotechnical engineering
  • Ice engineering
  • Structural design for ports, bridges, and culverts
  • Surfacing and pavement design for roads and airstrips
  • Facility design for airports
  • Quality control, quality assurance, and other services for infrastructure construction
  • Environmental impact assessment, consultation, and permitting for all stages the project life cycle