We help connect the world faster and more safely, sustainably, and affordably—by land, air, rail, and sea. For more than four decades, Tetra Tech has led the way in planning and designing innovative, environmentally friendly, and climate-resilient transportation solutions throughout Canada. From bustling major cities to the most remote arctic locations, our experts provide solutions for transportation projects of all sizes.

As a leader in transportation engineering in Canada, Tetra Tech provides prime consulting and specialist services in a broad range of practice areas. Our team of professional engineers, scientists, technologists, and support staff provide sustainable, innovative, and practical solutions to public and private sector owners and operators of roadway, airport, marine, and rail transportation infrastructure.

Roads and Highways

Tetra Tech provides a comprehensive range services for rural, urban, resource, and arctic roads and highways. Our services encompass the full life cycle of road infrastructure, including planning, preliminary and detailed design, tender preparation, construction administration, and operations support.


Our accomplished bridge engineering team offers expertise in preliminary and detailed design, condition assessments, and construction inspection. Tetra Tech can deliverer all aspects of bridge projects, including bridge planning, geotechnical investigation, hydrological analysis, hydraulic design, hydrogeological investigation, condition assessment, hazard protection, site location, environmental assessments, constructability review, and construction staging plans.


Tetra Tech is one of Canada’s leading airports consultants. Our broad range of services for the aviation industry includes planning; design; and environmental, regulatory, and construction management of airport facilities and related infrastructure. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, technologists, aviation specialists, pilots, airport managers, environmental scientists, and planners provide a unique, multidisciplinary approach for our clients.


Tetra Tech has been providing a wide variety of services for rail companies across Canada and the U.S. for more than 30 years. We have developed innovative, world-class 3D data collection technology for rail infrastructure that provides automated condition assessment at full track speeds.

Ports and Harbours

Tetra Tech provides specialized engineering and scientific expertise for industrial, commercial, and recreational marine facilities and infrastructure. We offer comprehensive services for conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design of new facilities or retrofits; structural assessments; inspections; and repairs to existing facilities.

Pavements Engineering

We offer integrated consulting services in pavements technology, combining interactive elements of pavements engineering, geotechnical engineering, pavement management, and pavement data collection. We combine practical experience and the latest technology to deliver savings and improved pavement performance.

Infrastructure Data Collection

Tetra Tech’s comprehensive, non-destructive data collection technologies assess the condition and performance of transportation infrastructure including roads, bridge decks, runways and taxiways, ice roads, and railroads. Our team of diverse specialists provide off-the-shelf and custom-designed solutions that meet client-defined objectives.

Infrastructure Asset Management

As a leader in asset management, Tetra Tech develops asset management plans to help clients make better investment decisions, secure capital renewal and replacement funding, and address infrastructure risks.

Water Resources and Marine

Tetra Tech provides unique expertise in detailed hydrological and hydraulic analyses and modelling. We assess existing conditions, propose required infrastructure—which we can bring from conceptual to detailed design, and provide construction management services. Our marine and oceanography specialists provide expertise to many areas of our practice and have been instrumental in many challenging national and international studies.