“Some big businesses team with Terranear tactically for their small business requirements on federal contracting, but Tetra Tech works with us strategically,” says Harry Kleiser, President of TerranearPMC (TPMC). “Our collaboration is about how, together, we can best service the client.” This philosophy has held together a strong business relationship, predicated on mutual growth, since 2008.

Tetra Tech and TPMC, registered as a Small Business for remediation services on federal small business set-aside contracts, have worked together on joint pursuits across the United States, providing environmental remediation, compliance, radiological waste management, energy, and related design and construction management services to the Department of Defense. The team has performed task orders for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Coast Guard valued at more than $10 million. The companies’ overlapping and complementary technical and management skills deliver highly responsive services and increase cost efficiencies.

TPMC is a big small business with more than 200 staff, $50 million annual revenues, and offices in seven states and the District of Columbia. Tetra Tech senior program manager Scott Prosuch says this benefits Tetra Tech and “gives the TPMC-Tetra Tech team the horsepower on contracts when small business leadership is desired. TPMC has a broad understanding of Department of Defense contracts, can write quality proposals, and has the skilled manpower to fill critical positions.” When Tetra Tech leads a pursuit, “TPMC often can fit a niche for us with certain specialties and has vital client relationships.”

To TPMC’s benefit, Mr. Kleiser says “Tetra Tech provides access to a broad spectrum of staff across the organization and an opportunity to participate strategically in different markets.” Such opportunities for growth and collaboration “help us well beyond the parameters of a typical large business-small business relationship.” All of this has been accomplished without a formal mentor-protégé agreement. TPMC instead is considered among Tetra Tech’s valued partners.

Mr. Prosuch contends that TPMC “has the business acumen and management systems in place to transition to a higher level of operations.” Tetra Tech’s contribution to TPMC’s financial growth exemplifies Tetra Tech’s leadership in providing challenging, lucrative opportunities for small businesses to build a profitable future.