Tetra Tech’s sustainability metrics are used to report, evaluate, and track our performance. By evaluating our contributions to sustainability, we can make our operations more efficient, better support our employee community, and provide more innovative and sustainable long-term solutions for our clients. Using our Leading with Science® approach, we provide innovative solutions that address critical global issues, environmental challenges, and the values important to our stakeholders.

In compiling our Sustainability Report, we measure our sustainability progress in core areas of company operations. Each metric corresponds with one or more Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, the internationally predominant sustainability reporting protocol for corporate sustainability plans. The indicators reported apply to our business in a meaningful way and represent ongoing activities related to Tetra Tech’s projects, business operations, and community engagement.

To track our progress and improvements, we established a baseline, 2025 interim targets, and 2030 goals. The scores are updated annually to reflect our sustainability progress and achievements. Our Sustainability Achievements page includes additional selected examples of sustainability initiatives across Tetra Tech.

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