Tetra Tech provides mission- and safety-critical expertise to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Air Traffic Organization, enterprise architecture support to NextGen, and IT support services, including business, process re-engineering, identity management, information security, and enterprise software development for FAA operations. In the aviation sector, Tetra Tech is a world leader in performance-based navigation (PBN) and navigation systems support, with credentials grounded in 27 years of support to the United States’ aerospace safety, scientific, homeland security, and national defense communities. Our experts provide a proactive, systematic approach to managing ground-based navigation aids, lighting systems, satellite navigation, PBN, aviation safety, and environmental management systems.

Tetra Tech is pleased to extend our long-standing relationship with the FAA by supporting critical NextGen projects. Tetra Tech has delivered cost-effective, high-quality technical performance and responsive management for large, complex aviation projects since 1987. Our support to the FAA, through more than $1 billion in prime contracts, has resulted in outstanding achievements, such as the commissioning of the Wide Area Augmentation System; the development of critical FAA advisory circulars; and the development of more than 1,000 PBN approach procedures to date. Tetra Tech is also the prime contractor for the FAA's Navigation Technical Assistance Contract, successfully supporting numerous systems relevant to the Space Tracking and Surveillance System. Tetra Tech offers the FAA the necessary technical, operational, engineering, program management, financial, and administrative support to meet its goals and objectives.

FAA Support Recognition

ACTA Bulletin Highlights Tetra Tech's Work

ACTA Bulletin Highlights Tetra Tech’s Work with FAA on Performance Based Navigation

Helping create a resilient U.S. National Airspace System architecture that leverages GPS and conventional navigation systems


AMT ATCA award

Tetra Tech Wins Air Traffic Control Association Industrial Award

Designing and developing Performance Based Navigation procedures to improve air traffic control

Meet Our Experts

Leo Eldredge

Leo Eldredge, Aerospace Practice Navigation Expert

Helping the Federal Aviation Administration and international aviation authorities modernize the skies

Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams, Senior Aviation Advisor

Pioneering performance based navigation to create a robust National Airspace System

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