Tetra Tech provides expert support throughout all phases of submarine cable projects. Tetra Tech’s comprehensive and fully integrated permitting, environmental, surveying, and engineering and construction support services—bundled or individually— support our clients in the development, construction, and operation of subsea electric transmission and telecommunications cable systems.

Our proven experience includes executing large-scale projects in inland, coastal, and offshore environments. Tetra Tech has developed long-standing relationships with federal, state, and local governing agencies. We have supported the development of a wide array of submarine cable systems, including local and trans-oceanic telecommunications cables, power cables, inland cable crossings of lakes and rivers, and cable networks for offshore renewable energy projects. 

Our team of dedicated cable experts draws on years of experience designing, engineering, surveying, and permitting tens of thousands of kilometers of cable at hundreds of locations around the globe.

Services that Tetra Tech offers to ensure the success of all types of submarine cable systems include:

Route and Landing Site Selection Support

  • Critical issues (fatal flaw) analysis and route feasibility studies
  • Desktop studies and constraints mapping
  • Cable and pipeline crossing analysis, optimization, and risk analyses
  • Alternative route and site identification and assessments 
  • Environmental assessments

Licensing and Permitting

  • Federal, state, and local permit application, preparation and acquisition 
  • Permit acquisition strategy development 
  • Agency consultation 
  • Subsea asset crossing agreement negotiations

Construction and Operation

  • Construction and operation compliance support 
  • Contractor tender request and selection support
  • Ship-board client representation for installations

Design and Engineering

  • Submarine cable planning and engineering in GIS, CAD, and Makai Plan engineering software
  • Cable burial assessment and protection analysis 
  • Landing and shore-end design and protection analysis 
  • Cable and pipeline crossing and terrestrial route engineering

Route Survey

  • Route surveys conducted from the Tetra Tech survey fleet or from local vessels
  • Marine geophysical survey for hazards and route optimization 
  • Marine geotechnical survey and testing for cable burial assessment
  • Archeological surveys
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO) and munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) survey and remediation

Resource Surveys, Assessments, and Plans

  • Oceanographic, hydrographic, geophysical, and geotechnical surveys and assessments
  • Benthic resource surveys
  • Coastal and marine biological and ecological resource studies
  • Threatened and endangered species surveys and assessments
  • Cultural resource analysis
  • Cable awareness and outreach campaigns
  • Marine liaison services for survey, installation, and operational phases of the project
  • Public outreach and communications

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