Tetra Tech provides stormwater management solutions that effectively ensure regulatory compliance while integrating and maximizing other program, environmental, and community benefits.

With mounting regulatory and climate resiliency pressures, stormwater managers are burdened with near- and long-term compliance responsibilities, asset management challenges, flooding, and water supply shortages. Tetra Tech’s engineers, policy experts, and scientists help clients effectively address daunting technical, policy, and day-to-day management issues. We fully understand the emerging issues in stormwater management and leverage new technology, innovative approaches, and big data to inform smart decision-making and maximize use of limited resources.

Creating, adapting, and maintaining a successful stormwater management program requires a breadth and depth of knowledge not commonly found in a single consulting firm. Tetra Tech is well-known for the diversity of its stormwater expertise. Our long history of supporting large, on-call stormwater contracts for major municipalities has allowed our staff to forge long-term relationships with our clients, working together to address new and challenging problems while learning valuable lessons on how to sustain effective programs.

Tetra Tech’s suite of stormwater services includes:

  • Stormwater and green infrastructure master planning
  • Strategic compliance planning
  • Municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4), industrial, and construction stormwater permit negotiations
  • Stormwater program implementation support
  • Water harvesting and reuse
  • Asset management
  • Stormwater infrastructure and best management practice (BMP) design and construction oversight
  • Compliance monitoring (outfall, water quality, hydrologic, and biological)
  • Real-time stormwater controls system design
  • Program implementation tracking
  • Public outreach
  • Agency staff training
  • Guidance and standard operating procedure development


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