Tetra Tech is a premier provider of support to utility-scale solar energy developers. Tetra Tech can quickly and cost-effectively evaluate potential sites, successfully negotiate the regulatory environment, and ensure projects are in compliance with applicable statutes.

Our geographic distribution and depth of resources enable us to rapidly mobilize and provide a support network that understands the local environment, politics, and regulatory climate. We have worked throughout the United States and Canada.

Tetra Tech provides the full spectrum of solar energy services—from feasibility through resource studies, permitting, transmission interconnection support, engineering, procurement, and construction.


  • Supported the development of more than 150 solar sites in North America on private and public lands
  • Experience with a variety of technologies, including concentrating solar power (power towers and solar troughs) and photovoltaic
  • Financial strength to stand behind large engineer, procure, and construct (EPC), balance of plant (BOP), and other construction projects

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