An essential part of Tetra Tech’s business is developing partnerships that are in the best interest of our customers.

In the U.S. federal market, small business is a significant focus for contracting. In global markets, collaboration with minority-owned businesses—including native and aboriginal groups—can be essential to supporting and executing projects involving resource extraction and related infrastructure. In all areas, Tetra Tech is committed to being an excellent partner and mentor, consistent with our desire to lead with science and to best serve our customers around the world.

The Tetra Tech Small Business and Partnerships Council brings together individuals that represent a cross section of our company, including representatives of our business groups; existing small business mentors; initiative leaders; and government relations, contracts, legal, and procurement specialists. The Council is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and maintaining the most successful partnerships; fostering new and existing small business relationships; and acting as a resource to provide company-wide visibility on best practices and joint capabilities.

Council Mission

To implement an enterprise subcontractor partnership program that ensures Tetra Tech’s commitment to meaningful collaboration while meeting the goals and expectations of our international, federal, municipal, and commercial customers.

Council Objectives

  • Prepare and maintain corporate policies and procedures that support the identification and development of partnerships, small business subcontractors, and mentor-protégé relationships that are in the best interest of our customers
  • Promote Tetra Tech’s commitment to excellence in partnership and mentorship, consistent with our desire to lead with science and innovation in serving our world-wide customers
  • Develop corporate reporting and management reviews to promote successful partnerships and meet customer reporting requirements
  • Share information, lessons learned, and successes to maintain high standards of quality when working with our customers
  • Maintain strong positive relationships with relevant agencies and government representatives that oversee small business partnerships and relationships with native/aboriginal interests
  • Address legal and contractual requirements and prevent and manage any conflict of interest that may arise from our mentorship program