Technology Consulting

Tetra Tech’s technology consulting services go beyond strategy and program management, achieving true business transformation with enduring results.

Business transformation requires comprehensive planning, expert data analysis, practical roadmap development, and stakeholder buy-in throughout the project lifecycle. Tetra Tech’s consultants go even further by reimagining our client’s business processes through agile digital technology integration. Our performance-driven methodology is based on our client’s desired outcomes. Our services include:

Program Management Office (PMO)

  • Program Management: Our tailorable end-to-end program management framework is based on guidelines developed by the Project Management Institute and includes defining processes and establishing a PMO structure. We manage programs and projects to ensure that deliverables and results are consistently produced according to client requirements and risks are properly tracked and mitigated. 
  • Portfolio Management: Our portfolio management methodology involves facilitating investment decision-making, budget formulation and execution, and financial management (including earned value management) at the enterprise, program, and project level.
  • Governance: Our governance framework is defined and launched according to client business needs and policies to enable collaborative decision-making and continuous stakeholder buy-in.
  • Training: We develop course content and deliver tailored training through in-person workshops, classroom training, computer-based training, and virtual reality methods.

Digital Transformation

  • Agile Transformation: We convert existing project management frameworks and systems development lifecycles into agile processes, ensuring consistent incremental delivery of deliverables and results. Our training includes agile coaching to ensure our clients’ project managers can execute services successfully by leveraging these new processes.
  • Architecture: We develop enterprise and solution architectures, at each integrated layer, that illustrate the client’s target vision. Transition plans are created that detail the transformation of the enterprise or solution from the “as-is” to the “to-be” states.
  • Systems Engineering: We adhere to human-centered design principles in designing, testing, developing, operating, and retiring systems, ensuring constant alignment with stakeholder requirements and client standards.
  • Data Management: Data are acquired, validated, cleansed, stored, and protected to ensure accessibility, reliability, and timeliness. We ensure data are ready for processing by employing analytics and/or artificial intelligence.

Tetra Tech’s consultants differentiate themselves by supporting the transformation of private- and public-sector clients into agile digital organizations. Our consultants understand technology and collaborate with business and technical users to achieve meaningful transformation.