Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Analytics

Tetra Tech delivers advanced analytics through data science and artificial intelligence to help our clients create mission-critical, undiscovered value from their data.

Tetra Tech data scientists and artificial intelligence (AI) practitioners harness client data to provide efficient and effective solutions to business challenges. We employ the latest advancements in data science, robotic process automation (RPA), AI, advanced analytics, machine learning, image recognition and classification, and predictive modeling. Our experts go beyond building and deploying AI solutions—we identify opportunities and construct roadmaps that enable organizations to achieve quick wins and build AI pilots. These pilots are deployed, enhanced, and scaled out over time, minimizing the upfront investment while delivering measurable benefits across business operations.

Tetra Tech’s Innovation Lab develops and tests open-source AI. Our experts at the Innovation Lab ensure that Tetra Tech can bring the most innovative and dependable solutions to our clients.

Our services include:

  • Automation. We build end-to-end automation services through RPA. Our services include evaluating existing processes and workflows, designing new or optimized workflows, developing and deploying bots to automate workflows, and constructing evaluations to measure return on investment.
  • Data visualization. We design graphs and advanced analytics that show relationships across complex, structured, and unstructured data sets in compelling and clear visuals.
  • Machine learning. We build and deploy cognitive systems that learn and improve from experience without human intervention or explicit logic. We deploy machine learning models across a variety of use cases and applications, including image classification, cognitive search, intelligent chatbots, and complex pattern recognition.
  • Statistical studies and investigations. We design statistical studies, model data, and conduct exploratory data analyses to investigate and identify trends, relationships, and differences among data samples and questions within a study. We lead studies end to end, from research design and data collection to analysis and results reporting.
  • Predictive modeling and forecasting. We construct predictive models that integrate historical data and existing business processes to forecast future outcomes or to identify risks and opportunities. Predictive models can be applied to any unknown event and can generate a wide range of forecasts employing time series, cross-sectional, or longitudinal data that include variables that are likely to influence future events.
  • Data management and governance. Our data management processes promote the efficient transformation, storage, validation, dissemination, and security of data, ensuring that vital data are never lost and are protected inside the organization. We help organizations to adjust systems, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency. Data management is implemented using a cohesive infrastructure of technological resources and a governing framework that define the administrative processes used throughout the lifecycle of data.

Tetra Tech has a track record of delivering successful AI and data analytics projects for large organizations—from interactive and intelligent chatbots to predictive solutions based on machine learning algorithms. We use an enterprise AI adoption framework, which guides organizations through building AI solutions while simultaneously generating buy-in from company leaders and stakeholders.