Ice Engineering and Winter Roads

Tetra Tech provides a full range of expert ice engineering services for our clients in cold weather regions.

Tetra Tech has more than 20 years of experience providing comprehensive ice engineering and winter road services in North America. Ice is a reliable and economical means of supporting loads for construction, transportation, and resource exploration. When built and operated safely, ice covers provide an efficient option for working in cold weather regions.

Tetra Tech has served in various roles for high-profile projects requiring ice engineering and ice risk management skills. We have an unblemished safety record for our ice engineering work on more than 80 projects. Safety is inherent in all work that Tetra Tech conducts; however, we recognize that safety is of the utmost priority for ice engineering projects and working on ice scenarios. We have played a key role in developing several best practice guidelines, including Alberta, Canada’s “Best Practice for Building and Working Safely on Ice Covers in Alberta” and the Transportation Association of Canada’s “Guidelines for the Construction and Operation of Winter Roads.”

Our ice engineering team is highly experienced and passionate about working on ice. We believe that efficient communication is the key to successfully and safely executing on-ice projects. Our services include:

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    Design and Construction

    • Winter road and ice bridge design for transportation loads
    • Ice pad design for stationary loads, including drilling programs
    • Ice construction support and monitoring
    • Ice cover routing
    • Ice cover management support


    • Client and contractor ice safety program review
    • Project-specific ice safety program development
    • Project-specific ice safety training


    • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) ice thickness profiling
    • Through-ice GPR bathymetry profiling
    • In situ ice strength testing

    Specialty Experience

    • Tailings ice
    • Open hole scenarios
    • Wyman modeling for complex loading scenarios