Tetra Tech’s Health & Safety Program addresses the hazards associated with our business to prevent injury and illness in the workplace.

Tetra Tech meets its responsibilities by committing to the following:

  • Complying with applicable standards, laws, and regulations
  • Designating personnel accountable for implementing Health & Safety programs
  • Communicating Health & Safety programs and practices throughout the organization
  • Mitigating potential risks through hazard identification and assessment, employee training, and safe work practices
  • Allocating sufficient resources to the program
  • Implementing enforcement and accountability measures
  • Establishing Health and Safety performance standards

Establishing a Safety Culture

Tetra Tech’s safety culture is introduced the moment an employee comes to the company. Employees receive instruction in Tetra Tech’s overarching safety commitment, as well as specific programs and processes relevant to their work. We continue to strengthen and foster this culture of safety through training, mentoring, and ongoing communications.

Providing Expert Guidance

The team of certified professionals who support our Health & Safety Program includes certified industrial hygienists, certified safety professionals, mine safety professionals, occupational health specialists, healthcare professionals, and individuals cross-trained in health and safety activities.

Tetra Tech’s enterprise-wide Safety Council includes Health & Safety representatives from each operating unit and provides a regular forum to address safety initiatives, programs, and performance.

Educating Our People

Tetra Tech expects employees to participate in developing, implementing, and continually improving our Health & Safety Program. We support our employees by educating and informing them about safety topics of concern, new procedures and guidelines, and available trainings. This support includes

  • An online Health & Safety library with toolkits, commonly accessed forms, and educational materials
  • Access to free trainings and support for safety-related certifications

Recognizing Exemplary Performance

Tetra Tech encourages and recognizes participation in our Health & Safety Program through programs such as our Excellence and Achievement Award for Safety and our MISSION: Safety program.

Excellence and Achievement Award for Safety – Annual enterprise-wide award recognizes individuals and project teams who demonstrate the highest commitment to safety in execution of their work

MISSION: Safety – Provides a forum for peer recognition of exemplary daily safety behavior aligned in hazard analysis, hazard controls, equipment and tools, work environment, work practices, and employee feedback