Our Safety Achievements

Safety organizations and clients recognize Tetra Tech’s commitment to the health and safety of our employees and excellent performance in the safe execution of our projects. We incorporate this commitment to safety throughout our organization, from our executive management to each member of our field teams. Safety is emphasized in our Project Management Training courses and the Tetra Tech Leadership Academy.

Commitment to Incident Prevention

In addition to job- and site-specific safety training and evaluation, Tetra Tech implements two enterprise-wide campaigns that emphasize the importance of safety for all employees.

Our Focus Four Injury Prevention Program (FOCUS 4) educates employees about the most frequent types of incidents that result in injuries at Tetra Tech’s project sites and offices. FOCUS 4 guidance applies to all operations as a means to address the risk of injury, assess hazard controls, target improvement areas, encourage employee participation, and prevent injuries.

Tetra Tech also recognizes and celebrates Safety Month each June. We post weekly updates and resources on key safety topics to Tetra Tech’s intranet and LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. During this time, employees renew their commitment to safe work practices and participate in various awareness and prevention activities.

Enterprise-wide, National, and Project-level Achievements

  • Enterprise-wide Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) outperformed others in our industry by 69 percent in 2021
  • Enterprise-wide Lost Workday Incident Rate (LWDIR) outperformed others in our industry by 75 percent in 2021
  • Tetra Tech received Certificate of Recognition accreditation for a fully implemented health and safety program that meets Canadian national standards and is certified in select provinces where the company works
  • During 2021, 41 Tetra Tech operating units qualified to receive the U.S. National Safety Council Perfect Record Award for 12 consecutive months without a Lost Workday Injury
  • In 2021 our employees completed 38,527 health and safety training modules