Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation in Australia and New Zealand

Tetra Tech’s Australia-based research, monitoring, and evaluation (RME) practice works with multiple international aid stakeholders to help them understand and measure the impact of their work and promote results-based management and decision making.

Tetra Tech’s RME experts design, manage, and deliver complex, large-scale research projects across the world. Specialising in high-quality independent evaluations and impact assessments, we equip organisations and programs with robust monitoring, evaluation (M&E), and learning systems. Working in close collaboration with colleagues across Tetra Tech, our local RME experts ensure that rigorous M&E is integrated into every project Tetra Tech delivers in Asia Pacific.

We work across multiple sectors including economic growth, private sector development, governance, security and justice, and human and social development. Our clients include donors, governments, non-governmental organisations, universities, foundations, and private enterprises.

Our in-house M&E specialists bring together a unique blend of expertise ranging from theory of change, social research, econometric analysis, and survey design to GIS mapping and database management. Our technical expertise ensures that evaluation is integrated into each stage of the project life cycle.

We deliver defensible evidence and useful recommendations to improve impact through better policy, programming, and management, and to support our clients in achieving tailored, sustainable solutions for their unique challenges.

As part of our utility-focused approach, we collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders and partners to understand what type of evidence is required, by whom, when, and for what use. As a result, we can set up M&E and learning systems to collect the right data, at the right time, for the right purpose. This approach ensures that our evaluation designs and research methodologies are appropriate and capable of producing evidence that is reliable, meaningful, and useful.

RME Services

  • Project and program design
  • Experimental and quasi-experimental impact evaluations
  • Ex-ante impact evaluations
  • Formative process evaluations
  • Longitudinal studies
  • Meta-evaluations
  • Evaluation management

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