Property Development in Australia and New Zealand

Tetra Tech’s expert team of project managers; environmental consultants; testing technicians; and structural, civil, and geotechnical engineers work with our clients and the industry to take projects from initial conception to sustainable operation.

We understand the many complexities and risks inherent within property infrastructure projects, including design methodologies; local ground conditions; stakeholder consultation; project approvals; and construction, commissioning, and handover sequencing. Learn more about our high performance buildings services.

Client-side Project Management

Our team brings leading project planning and control capability to develop smart solutions from project inception to contract administration and program management to ensure that each project is completed consistently on-time and on-budget.

We manage probity, procurement strategies, stakeholder management, community relations and publicity, risk management, scheduling, procurement, construction, and delivery management for our clients across commercial, health, defence, residential, sport and leisure, and education projects.


Our geotechnical experts conduct investigations and risk assessments for each proposed site; advise on any issues; and develop smart, in-ground solutions to mitigate contaminants and ensure the safety and integrity of structures. We combine our geotechnical, geoenvironmental, and structural engineering expertise in our work with our clients’ designers so that every structure optimises the property’s geological conditions and includes strong, efficient in-ground structures.


Our specialist soil and rock technicians test and assess ground conditions using our national network of laboratories—ensuring we have a deep understanding of each project’s parameters to include them into the property’s designs.

We bring value to our clients’ design and construction teams by ensuring all construction materials meet the required quality control standards, comply with regulations, and exhibit the physical characteristics required for construction.

We provide independent NATA- and IANZ-accredited testing services.


Our environmental engineers and scientists help our clients understand the potential social and environmental impacts of construction and operations, including biodiversity, water resource, heritage, and contaminant issues. Using advanced field assessment techniques to make physical, chemical, ecological, and social assessments, we identify critical risks and provide mitigation strategies.

We can navigate development approvals pathways, from due diligence advice and environmental constraints analysis to environmental survey and assessment, bushfire hazard and management planning, and other targeted studies. Our expert team provides input for large land development projects, strategic assessment and approvals, and landscape scale environmental offsets, including NSW and BioBanking.


We offer practical and integrated indigenous cultural heritage, historical heritage, and built heritage services to advise property development clients. Our team specialises in a range of Australian and international jurisdictions and have broad skills in heritage management. We expertly navigate heritage assessments and statutory approvals across Australia. We also provide indigenous and historical heritage due diligence and desktop assessments; community consultation and facilitation; indigenous cultural heritage assessment reports; heritage building conservation advice; historical archaeological assessment reports; permit applications; archaeological survey and test and salvage excavations; and cultural heritage management plans.

Land Management Services

We provide on-ground land management services, such as planting, weeding and other conservation works to manage on-site environmental assets. This extends to management of environmental offset sites provided by land developers to provide ongoing environmental benefits. Our restoration ecologists also prepare vegetation management plans, and our land management team implements key actions to achieve clients' objectives and a positive environmental outcome.

Consulting Arborists

Our consulting arborists carry out tree assessments, provide reporting and advice on tree protection measures, and provide recommendations for tree removal and retention. Our assessments identify tree species and determine tree health, vigour, age and landscape significance, and any site constraints. We offer arboricultural services under the Australian Standard AS:4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites and the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) system.


Our engineering team focuses on producing smart, efficient, and sustainable designs for the civil and structural aspects of each development project. We work closely with clients to provide engineering design for new buildings, retrofit of existing buildings, and master planning of greenfield or brownfield sites.

Our building services engineering capabilities include:

  • Acoustics
  • Asset management and performance
  • Audio visual
  • Commissioning management
  • Controls and integration
  • Digital engineering, including Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Electrical
  • Fire engineering and fire protection
  • Hydraulics
  • Information and communications technology (ICT)
  • Master planning
  • Mechanical
  • Security
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Vertical transportation

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