Defence Services in Australia and New Zealand

Tetra Tech’s expert team of environmental scientists, engineers, project managers, and planners deliver smarter solutions specifically tailored for Defence along with a proven record of value for money and consistent delivery excellence.

The success of Tetra Tech projects for the Australian Department of Defence and the New Zealand Ministry of Defence is based on a deep understanding of what matters to Defence, a strong service culture, and a collaborative approach with all stakeholders.

Over the next 10 years, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) will invest an unprecedented $195 billion in defence capability to create a “more capable, agile, and potent work force.” Our team is well placed to assist the ADF in planning and delivering capital works and, in some cases, re-purposing assets and managing and maintaining the environment and heritage across the Defence estate.

In Australia Tetra Tech Coffey, provides Project Management and Contract Administration and Initial Business Case (IBC) services under the Defence Infrastructure Panel (DIP). Under the Defence Environment and Heritage Panel (DEHP) we provide environmental impact assessment services and environmental management system services. We provide perfluorinated compound (PFC) environmental management services (investigations and technical advice) under the PFC Panel. We also provide Defence with work place health and safety services.

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As the primary planning and feasibility document that underpins major capital and infrastructure works investment by Defence, we understand that the Initial Business Case (IBC) must be comprehensive, cost assured, and risk assessed.

In undertaking the IBC role, our core principles include a thorough understanding of—and consistent approach to—each project, effective project management, robust stakeholder consultation, strong strategic focus and leadership, and transparent and honest relationships and communication.

Our experienced team understands the processes required to drive timely and successful IBC delivery. Our thorough approach ensures the IBC is accurate and reliable so Defence can be confident their decisions are based on a realistic assessment of project feasibility, facilitating reliable forecasting of capital facilities funds.

Our approach to the Project Management and Contract Administration (PMCA) role incorporates lessons learnt over 25 years of delivering successful projects for Defence and has been proven on projects as diverse as the New Air Combat Capability (NACC) Facilities Project, Base Security Improvement Program, Space Surveillance Telescope Project, Base Engineering Assessment Program, and National Airfields Maintenance Works Program.

Our project management is based on well-defined and executed processes, supported by strong leadership. These skills are critical to establishing a project culture where the team is focused on strategic objectives and are aware of key risks, and where innovation thrives. Our quality assurance (QA) framework sets out a comprehensive approach to project management, which is tailored to the Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) and other Defence requirements. We have developed a highly detailed methodology to ensure Defence enjoys the benefits of this approach and a consistent level of service across all our projects.

We provide smart solutions for probity management, procurement strategies, funding, stakeholder management, community relations and publicity, scheduling, procurement, and delivery management. Our experienced specialists work in close cooperation with all stakeholders, advising on government approval processes and maintaining a client focussed approach to delivery.

The benefit of our approach is that Defence can be assured that they are working with a team with the right attitude and culture, backed by processes that ensure a service is scalable, consistent, and reliable across multiple regions and on multiple projects.

Our approach to environmental and social performance management is based on over 30 years of experience. We continually review and, where appropriate, refine our approach to address emerging trends in environmental assessment, case authority, community perceptions, and social acceptance.

Our approach of transparency and inclusivity is supported by intellectual rigour and strategy where we partner with Defence to deliver services in time and cost-effective ways—we work within budget and look for innovative ways to reduce costs through fit-for-purpose performance management.

Our highly skilled and experienced team have worked on several environmental projects for Defence including environment and heritage management plans; flora and fauna surveys and monitoring; social impact assessment studies; stakeholder management and consultation; environmental management systems; contamination and remediation assessments and technical advice; and bushfire assessments and management plans. Our team has extensive experience with referrals and assessments under Part 9 and strategic assessments under Part 10 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). This includes application of innovative cumulative impact assessment methods incorporating spatial analysis and conceptual model techniques. Through the team’s in-depth knowledge of Commonwealth approvals processes and policy, and their understanding and experience with the EPBC Act, we assist Defence with navigating complexity, minimising risk and achieving the best possible outcome that maintains capability and achieves ecological sustainable development.

The sustainability practitioners in our High Performance Buildings Group work closely with our core and other specialist disciplines to provide fully integrated outcomes for our clients. We consult on sustainability at all levels within organisations—from advising on global policy, trends, and risks and environmental reporting to master planning towns and cities and delivering world class engineering design solutions. Our team has extensive experience delivering projects in the aviation industry and has a track record working with Defence and the aerospace industry to achieve sustainable solutions that reduce operating costs, improve building asset values, boost workplace productivity, reduce energy consumption, and minimise environmental footprints.

We appreciate the complexities and technical aspects in providing detailed environmental site investigations to identify and document the nature and extent of per- and polyfluroralkyl substance (PFAS) contamination. Our approach ensures the strategic aims of Defence’s National Plan are met and that the detailed site investigation, Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA), and Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) are compliant with National Environmental Protection Measures (NEPM).

We provide a rigorous approach in dealing with emerging contaminants in physically and socially challenging environments. By using advanced field assessment techniques, we consistently provide high quality site assessments. Our experienced project team addresses all key risks and requirements in the investigation including the necessary steps to ensure all affected community and relevant government authorities are kept informed of any identified contaminants.

As a technical advisor we provide technical oversight of the lead consultant’s activities during PFAS contamination site investigation and assurance that NEPM-compliant investigations are being conducted.

Our experienced and accredited contaminated land auditors undertake independent reviews of the contamination assessment and assure the technical quality of all the reports. This provides Defence and stakeholders assurance that the documentation is technically correct, compliant, and reliable.

Our hydraulics engineering team provides specialist technical advice and assistance on issues pertaining to hydraulic equipment, systems, and infrastructure across the Defence estate. With a thorough understanding of the requirements of all relevant water and associated authorities, we provide unique insights on water technologies, policies, standards, and innovations. Our hydraulics experts work with clients and design teams to develop safe, reliable, user-focused, and cost-effective strategies for the provision of plumbing and drainage services of potable and non-potable water.

Our mechanical engineering team boasts an extensive, diverse, and impressive portfolio of experience. We have experts who are well-versed in all aspects of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and energy efficiency. Our expertise in computational fluid dynamics and thermal modelling are unique differentiators. Computational fluid dynamics can accurately predict how facilities will behave before they are built in relation to air flow, temperature, and pollutant distribution. Thermal modelling predicts the performance of all types of buildings, which affords designers the opportunity to ensure optimum efficiency in energy use.

Tetra Tech’s engineering services team takes a holistic approach to energy efficiency by assessing end-user needs and opportunities in our designs to deliver highly efficient solutions and low energy systems.

In addition to core electrical, mechanical, fire, hydraulics, and communications projects, we support our Defence work with technical delivery in confidential assets and data centres along with cybersecurity and Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) advisory services.

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