Water Solutions for Asia

Tetra Tech provides environmentally and economically sustainable water solutions throughout Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

As one of the world’s premier water and international development firms, Tetra Tech leverages its science and engineering expertise to address every aspect of water resources management—from providing sustainable access to clean water and sanitation services to modeling the effects of a changing climate on water resources allocations. We also help countries' wider water resource challenges such as disaster mitigation and investment mobilization.

Tetra Tech has more than 40 years of experience providing water services in Asia for government, commercial, and multilateral development bank clients. In the region, we provide water and sanitation services, clean water supply, water resource management, wastewater and flood management, and disaster risk preparedness. We have been a trusted partner of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) since the firm supported the launch of the ADB’s Asian Environment Outlook publication in 2001.

Engineering and Design

For global water infrastructure projects, Tetra Tech provides architecture and engineering design services, including green design and sustainability services, and technical and program administration services. Tetra Tech’s approach ensures that planning activities remain focused on developing infrastructure that has long-term viability after donor organization financing has concluded. We use data related to climate resiliency, seismic requirements, and sustainability to determine project priorities, prerequisites, and phasing. Tetra Tech also recognizes the critical importance of gender inclusion towards achieving economic growth and seeks to involve women in all aspects of water project planning activities as members of local engineering teams, community stakeholders, and local government representatives.

Urban Resiliency and Climate Change

As one of the world’s largest development and professional services firms, Tetra Tech provides a comprehensive suite of integrated services to build stronger, more resilient communities. Tetra Tech’s projects range from conducting scientific and policy assessments to performing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate risk modeling services to develop and implement effective adaptation and mitigation solutions. To mitigate risks, we work with local and regional stakeholders to design effective approaches to critical infrastructure systems and optimize planning and design for water supply, wastewater, stormwater management, flood control, solid waste management, and early warning systems. Tetra Tech works to ensure the security and adaptation of vulnerable and critical water infrastructure and services to natural and man-made events by using climate vulnerability and risk assessments and flood mapping to inform policy and planning.

Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Services and Water Management

Tetra Tech combines a focus on hardware solutions, such as water supply systems and improved sanitation facilities, with WASH promotion through communication, social mobilization, and advocacy. Tetra Tech is at the forefront of designing approaches—such as sanitation marketing and concession contracts with rural water supply operators—that foster innovative partnerships among government, consumers, and the private sector. We provide scalable approaches to respond to issues including water resources governance; water use efficiency and demand management; climate change adaptation and transboundary and shared watercourses; water rights and water allocation; information management for decision-making; and water quality management. Our integrated approach to water resources management and innovative water treatment practices can help clients create a reliable, modern approach for their water systems.

Municipal Governance and Finance

Tetra Tech’s integrated approach to providing municipal services blends expertise in governance, commercialization, finance, public-private partnerships (PPP), engineering, and economics to provide sustainable solutions that meet water needs of underserved consumers, including urban poor, marginalized, and vulnerable groups. Tetra Tech uses a sustainable, capacity-building approach that empowers local governments and communities to take ownership of water solutions. Such approaches encourage individual and private sector investment, which contributes to closing the significant public-sector funding gap that exists for expanding water and sanitation services. Our team helps establish the enabling environment that makes viable infrastructure and municipal services investments possible. We design public financing arrangements such as green bonds, and through our specialized PPP practice, we can facilitate investments for cities from environmental funds and other third-party donors.

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