Yukon Energy Corporation (YEC) provides electricity to Yukon Territory customers through two independent, isolated power systems. When a new mining venture was planned in the geographic area between the two systems, YEC planned to connect the mine to the existing power grid rather than have it powered with diesel generation. By connecting to the grid, the load could use clean hydroelectric power as an electricity source.

Tetra Tech supported YEC throughout the project’s life cycle, providing comprehensive power system studies, capital cost estimate, detailed design, permitting and approvals, contract administration, inspection, procurement, construction supervision, and overall project management.

Project challenges to date include minimizing environmental impact, innate northern climate and geographic challenges, and managing stakeholder interests.

Tasks completed to date include:

  • Carmacks’ Airport switching substation (138 kilovolts)
  • Minto Landing substation (138 kilovolts to 25 kilovolts)
  • Minto Mine substation (25 kilovolts to 5 kilovolts)
  • 138-kilovolt H-frame transmission line traversing 65 miles (105 kilometers)
  • 25-kilovolt single pole distribution line traversing 18 miles (29 kilometers)

Work was split into two stages with additional power system studies, preliminary and detail design, capital cost estimate, and procurement support.