Tetra Tech is supporting the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement’s programs to combat illicit activities like terrorism, narcotics, and transnational crime. Estimates suggest that the cost of transnational crime is between 8 percent and 15 percent of the global gross domestic product; the illegal drug trade is estimated to have a worth of at least $300 billion annually.

The impact of associated crime and violence on families, communities, and societies is equally devastating. Profits help fuel conflicts and wars abroad and promote violence in many countries, and their effects also help to destabilize democratic governance in many parts of the world. The consequences of violence and drugs themselves further overload already taxed or fragile health systems, including by increasing the spread of HIV/AIDs and other diseases. In addition, illegal drug cultivation creates significant local and regional problems by exacerbating deforestation and increasing pollution from the production and eradication chemicals used.

INL supports policies and programs to promote global criminal justice strengthening and reform, combat transnational crime and corruption, and counter narcoterrorism. INL’s efforts include promoting human rights with respect to policing, penal, and judicial reforms; combating human trafficking; dismantling global criminal networks; and stemming the production and transportation of illegal drugs. Tetra Tech is proud to have helped INL carry out its mission by providing assistance in Washington, D.C., and abroad for more than a decade.

We have assisted with program management, strategic and operations planning, advisory services, personnel management, change management, institutional reform, administrative services, executive assistance, physical security, logistics management and procurement, contract management, project management, training, capacity building, human resources administration, cost monitoring, financial management, database administration, IT services, performance monitoring, and more.

Our long-term projects include:

  • Supporting judicial strengthening in the West Bank and Gaza
  • Capacity building for police and communities in Liberia
  • Capacity building for the Haitian National Police
  • Assisting the Afghan Ministry of Interior in building prosecutorial capacity

Our short- to medium-term support include:

  • Deploying specialized law enforcement officers in Mexico
  • Providing agrarian experts and border management specialists in Afghanistan
  • Providing curriculum development and training experts in Lebanon
  • Assisting with correction system infrastructure management in Iraq

Our support in Washington, D.C., and at Patrick Air Force Base covers all the INL program and regional offices. Our embassy-based support includes senior advisors and specialized expertise in such locations as Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.