In the West Bank, Tetra Tech is strengthening the capacity of Palestinian Authority justice sector institutions to enforce criminal laws in a fairer, more efficient, and more transparent manner.

As part of its state-building initiatives, the Palestinian Authority has committed to strengthening its justice sector institutions to perform their roles effectively while ensuring adherence to rule of law, human rights, and freedom. Through the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Justice Sector Assistance Project (JSAP), Tetra Tech is working to enhance the efficacy of criminal investigations and improve the capacity of justice sector counterparts to identify and address sector-wide problems through strategic planning and interagency collaboration. Initially through a pilot project in the Jenin Governorate and now territory-wide, Tetra Tech is supporting Palestinian justice sector institutions to strengthen transparent, fair, and successful prosecutions.

As a direct result of JSAP assistance there is a clear and noticeable improvement in the reduction of case backlog. We have made significant progress in reducing the number of backlogged files based on new work procedures that call for further cooperation and coordination with all parties in cases including the PPOs, police and courts, the Forensic Lab, the Judicial Institute, and others. Therefore, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for JSAP’s efforts.

Miqdad Hattab, Tulkarem Cheif Prosecutor

We are working to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal investigations and streamline operating procedures for criminal investigators and prosecutors, including extending and enhancing automated case management systems. This effort is part of a comprehensive strengthening of law enforcement offices in numerous jurisdictions throughout the West Bank to improve workflow, victim assistance, and evidence collection.

Our team also trained judges, prosecutors, and civilian police on modern crime scene investigation procedures such as cybercrime and use of surveillance and information, in addition to supplying fingerprinting kits. Tetra Tech introduced numerous best practice solutions, including developing an informant database and warrant execution software to be installed on laptops in patrol vehicles, which addresses the problem of suspects absconding after a police stop.

The team also is improving quantitative and qualitative performance of the public prosecutor’s office. Through a comprehensive assessment of case backlogs, the project is enhancing the capacity of the judiciary to dispose of nonactive cases and the capacity of the police to enforce judgments. We are refining the capacity of justice sector counterparts to identify and address sector-wide problems by providing expert training and helping establish codes of ethics for the organizations. After nearly ten years of operation in the West Bank, JSAP continues to grow and succeed in its core goals of fostering transparency, accountability, and efficacy into the Palestinian justice sector.