Tetra Tech is helping close financing gaps to achieve universal access to water and sanitation services through sustainable and creditworthy business models, increased public funding, and expanded market finance for infrastructure investment.

An unprecedented mobilization of funding will be required to provide universal access to the 663 million people who do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.4 billion people who lack access to improved sanitation. In 2016 World Bank estimated that $114 billion per year of capital investments will be required to provide universal access to safely managed water and sanitation services by 2030. This is approximately triple the current investment level.

Through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Finance (WASH-FIN) project, Tetra Tech works in collaboration with national governments, development partners, private capital market institutions, and local stakeholders in at least eight countries to close financing gaps and improve governance structures that enable targeted countries to access reliable sources of capital for sustainable, climate resilient water and sanitation infrastructure and services.

Through WASH-FIN, Tetra Tech is helping increase public investment and market finance to effectively expand and improve service delivery. The primary areas of focus include promoting sustainable business models and proven commercial approaches; advocating for and tracking increased public investment; mobilizing private capital and market finance; and replicating success through knowledge sharing.

To promote sustainable business models and commercial approaches, Tetra Tech supports reliable, climate resilient services by strengthening the financial viability of service providers. To ensure ownership of this program by national leadership, Tetra Tech works with governments, development partners, and local civil society to cultivate a culture of transparency and accountability, while building local capacity and consensus for increased public investment.

To close finance gaps and increase the flow of private finance into the sector, Tetra Tech promotes diverse mechanisms such as blended financing facilities, public-private partnerships (PPPs), local debt financing, and other viable models of finance that can be replicated and scaled.

Tetra Tech integrates knowledge and learning efforts into project activities to strengthen the capacity of local authorities, service providers, and local financial institutions through a process of collaborating, learning, and adapting for knowledge capture, dissemination, and uptake.

For more information on WASH-FIN, please contact info@washfin.org.