Working closely with local governments and communities, Tetra Tech is helping Tanzania improve its water resources and sanitation management and promote resilient communities in the face of a changing climate.

Although Tanzania has natural freshwater resources, its rural population has limited access to safe water and sanitation services. The Government of Tanzania recognizes that improved management of its water resources is a foundational prerequisite to achieving and sustaining the nation’s long-term development goals, including providing basic services to enable economic prosperity and social well-being. However, water scarcity challenges are increasing along with the effects of climate change. Reliable access to safe drinking water and sanitation services is still beyond the reach of many people.

To address these interconnected water-related challenges, Tetra Tech supports the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to implement the Water Resources Integration Development Initiative (WARIDI). This five-year project seeks to improve health and nutrition, water resources management, climate change adaptation, and environmental conservation in 20 administrative districts in Tanzania’s Wami-Ruvu and Rufiji river basins.

By facilitating government- and community-driven processes, WARIDI increases the use of sustainable, multiple-use water supply systems and sanitation services; strengthens governance for sustainable management of water resources and services; and improves livelihoods through private sector investment opportunities for water services and natural resource management. The project provides grants and technical capacity development support to local organizations proposing collaborative approaches and innovative solutions for water challenges. Another key aspect of capacity strengthening includes building awareness and knowledge of gender and youth issues in water management, which is a central focus throughout the project implementation phases.

Through WARIDI, Tetra Tech addresses the root causes of water-related challenges impeding Tanzania’s path to sustainable social and economic development.