The Valero Levis refinery has counted on Tetra Tech’s expertise for in-plant services since 1997, including engineering and management of small, medium, and large projects.

Tetra Tech’s knowledge of refinery technologies and varied expertise has made us a major partner in most of the projects initiated at the Valero refinery. Tetra Tech provided significant support to increase the capacity and safety of gasoline and distillate transport, including a new a 243-kilometer pipeline between the Jean-Gaulin refinery and the Montreal East terminal. As a result, some shipments by freightliners and ships will be eliminated, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our team has contributed to the design and engineering of a new light crude unit for an effluent treatment plant and fire protection system. We also worked on FEED, detailed engineering, and risk evaluation of outside battery limits and a new Merichem unit. Tetra Tech supported its partner on the design of the continuous naphtha reformate and gasoline desulfurization unit in Qubec City, which involved long-distance engineering.

Tetra Tech assisted Valero on its 2001, 2006, and 2013 turnaround planning and engineering support. In 2007, when Valero planned on expanding its plant, Tetra Tech supported this initiative by working on feasibility studies and detailed engineering for the new LPG separation unit and impact on tank farms.