USMC Range and Training Area Management System Support

Tetra Tech’s team provides ongoing software development, enterprise IT support, system enhancements, and range safety and management of the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Range and Training Area Management System (MCRTAMS).

The Marine Corps Range and Training Area Management System (MCTRAMS) is a web-enabled, centrally managed system that supports the Training and Education Command (TECOM) Range and Training Area Management (RTAM) branch. MCRTAMS provides commanders, operating units, range managers, and cross-military service users with a single point of access for range-related capabilities and resources.

MCRTAMS is vital to the USMC’s ability to train and enhance its operating forces with high caliber, mission ready Marines and is a comprehensive library of information on all USMC range and training areas. It includes Range Complex Management Plans; GIS and map data; Range Standard Operating Procedures, archived historical range use data; and GIS tools for range managers, such as surface danger zone, laser hazard area, aviation-weapons danger zone, and range encroachment quantification tools. The RTAM Branch provides access to these tools and data while providing the scheduling, planning, development, and management of USMC ranges and training areas.

Our team provide technical services for enhancement and maintenance of the MCRTAMS. Our application development support includes development, enhancement, and maintenance of new and existing MCRTAMS range management or operational capabilities. We provide database and systems administrations services to design, implement, manage, and maintain RTAM databases and servers. GIS support is also required for IPIX, photo, and GIS data capture for USMC Ranges. Our team participates in various joint working groups and action teams to support USMC activities associated with sustaining, upgrading, and modernizing USMC range and training areas. Finally, we provide analytical support, presentations, and other materials to assist the RTAM branch with the evaluation, development, and drafting of comprehensive plans to address range and training area operational constraints.