Ethiopia, Africa's second most populous nation, is extremely rural and impoverished. This high population growth rate, along with limited access to clean water and sanitation, a proper diet, and quality health services results in some of the world's highest rates of maternal, neonatal, and child mortality. Tetra Tech is supporting the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to expand and improve health infrastructure to increase the level of service provided throughout Ethiopia's health systems.

The team in Ethiopia works very well with USAID's engineering team.

CPAR Evaluation, November 2013

Tetra Tech is providing expert architecture-engineering (A-E) technical support services for the USAID Ethiopia Health Infrastructure Program. The five-year program involves assessing, designing, and renovating approximately 50 existing health facilities; and assessing and designing approximately 30 new Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health health centers throughout the country.

Working alongside Ethiopian engineers and architects, Tetra Tech is leading the site assessments, providing A-E infrastructure design and technical advice for the program, and incorporating strict quality assurance and quality control requirements into program implementation. In addition to providing traditional A-E services for building assessments and design, Tetra Tech is addressing cross-cutting issues including capacity building, gender equality, and environmental compliance.