Toronto Hydro-Electric System (Toronto Hydro) owns and operates an electricity distribution system, which delivers electricity to customers in Toronto. It is the largest municipal electricity distribution company in Canada and distributes approximately 19 percent of the electricity consumed in Ontario.

Toronto is a densely populated city of 2.6 million residents and is constantly undergoing urban renewal. Toronto Hydro initiated a multiyear capital program designed to keep up with the electricity demands of this growing metropolis.

Over the years, Tetra Tech services have included design, procurement support, public relations support, permitting, construction support, and close-out. Tetra Tech’s team is fully integrated with the Toronto Hydro processes, including procurement, design and permitting documentation and tracking, and project budgets and cost systems.

To date, Tetra Tech has provided the following services:

  • Design for upgrading existing overhead switching to include remote-operated supervisor control and data acquisition switches
  • Design for replacing failing direct-buried primary cable; voltage conversion from 13.8 kilovolts to 27.6 kilovolts; replacing transformers and pad-mounted switchgear upgrades; and modifying the distribution loop for reliability, efficiency, and balance of loading
  • Design for relocating existing overhead and underground facilities
  • Reconstruction for full replacement and voltage conversion from 4 kilovolts to 27.6 kilovolts primary supply (overhead)
  • Design for replacing all existing high-voltage cables (underground) in a 200-lot subdivision