Tetra Tech provided initial project review and inspection services to complete the ground-up construction of Telfair Medical Center in Sugar Land, Texas, on time and within budget.

Independent Bank hired Tetra Tech to complete the initial project review for the medical center, including evaluating budget and design documents and recommending contract amendments. Located on a 1.99 acre lot, this 3-story medical building totals 56,595 square feet (sf), including 10,619 sf of common area and 45,976 sf of rentable space. This ground-up construction project also included an adjacent 3-story 78,219 sf, 233-space parking garage.

Tetra Tech completed the initial project review report prior to the commencement of work to address any issues that might have affected the project. Our team provided recommendations and comments on provisions in the construction agreement, examined how the scope of work was presented, reviewed if the costs were sufficient to complete the project, and determined if the cost breakdown contained enough to detail review work complete. Tetra Tech also performed funds control and inspection services. Our team reviewed the General Contractor’s Application for Payment and backup documentation to disburse funds in accordance with the application and progress inspection. Our team’s inspection included physically verifying period-to-date work complete throughout construction. Tetra Tech inspected the construction during 14 site visits over 13 months.

When the client first approached Tetra Tech, they were concerned about the contract duration to construct both the medical building and parking garage. The garage was originally designed to use pre-cast concrete panels for wall forming and bar joist/medal decking/concrete for the garage. The concrete panels were going to be made off-site; however, the casting plant was not able to accommodate the accelerated time frame.

With the assistance of the design team, Tetra Tech established an area where the concrete wall sections could be cast on site and tilted up in place. Tilt-up concrete construction is very common in facilities such as storage units, warehouses, big box buildings, and parking structures of limited height. By using this method, our team saved the client time, ensuring the project was completed within the contract timeframe.