Tetra Tech provides air quality compliance services to Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) sites subject to state regulations, including Title V, New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), and National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs) regulations.

SWACO turned to Tetra Tech to help their solid waste sites navigate and adapt to regulations under changing landfill conditions and meet compliance and data management challenges. SWACO delivers municipal solid waste disposal services at two sites in the Columbus, Ohio, area. The 283-acre Franklin County site operates and maintains 267 operational wells subject to NSPS, with the active landfill area receiving up to 8,000 tons of waste per day. This agency also is responsible for post-closure care of the closed Model Landfill, including maintenance of the integrity and effectiveness of the final cover, the leachate collection, ground water monitoring, and gas monitoring systems. Managing and tracking the air quality requirements of each site is a major compliance challenge, as is the data management requirements necessary for compliance, reporting, and royalty calculation.

As a result of Tetra Tech’s services, SWACO has received no violations since 2014. Tetra Tech developed a number of data management processes specific to SWACO site needs, and uses the data to provide quarterly, semi-annual, and annual compliance reports. The innovative processes include a detailed spreadsheet to automate the entire data process, including data entry and analysis. Additionally, the data automation tool helps calculate royalties due for gas piped to a gas generation facility owned by Aria Energy.

Since 2004, Tetra Tech continues to provide SWACO with counseling on the impact of new regulations and input on facility unit addition and expansion decisions. Tetra Tech performs landfill gas (LFG) engineering services, including complete design and construction management of the LFG collection and control system. We created long-term, phased LFG development plans and construction plans for LFG collection and control system expansion. These plans enable SWACO to accurately and proactively forecast construction activities and development budgets.

The work also includes air quality services such as gas system data management and review; air compliance reporting; multi-facility carbon footprint analyses; and Title V permit applications, modifications, and revocations. Tetra Tech’s assistance with revisions to the facility’s air permits enables the site to navigate complications—such as its location within an air quality nonattainment area, the need to avoid Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) status, and the need to plan for the facility’s LFG beneficial use facility. The permitting process included evaluation of NSPS, NESHAPs, PSD, Nonattainment New Source Review, Title V, and other state requirements.

Routine compliance work at SWACO sites include carbon credit calculations and assistance; wellfield and flare data management; and verification of continuous emission monitoring (CEM) and gas chromatography (GC) data for royalty purposes.