Supporting a Leading Emergency Rental Assistance Program in Florida

Tetra Tech is supporting Leon County, Florida, to be one of the first communities to disburse all of their COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) 1 and 2 allocations.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury allocated $7.9 million through the ERA 1 program to help Leon County residents recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tetra Tech provided program management, staff augmentation, call center services, and data analysis. Along with the housing software solutions partner, we customized an application portal to meet the County’s unique needs and implement lessons learned from previous rental assistance programs. Both tenant and landlord applications were given a specialized design for a seamless application and review process.

A U.S. Department of Treasury report cited Leon County as one of the country’s most successful ERA Programs.

Through this collaboration, Leon County has one of the most efficient ERA programs in the United States. More than 2,200 homes have been assisted with 100 percent of ERA 1 funding approved and disbursed. Due to the success of the ERA 1 program, Leon County retained Tetra Tech for assistance with their $9.7 million allocation through the ERA 2 program. Our team has approved nearly $3.4 million for payment and continues to support Leon County citizens through the rest of the program.