Through Strengthening Democratic Local Governance (SDLG) project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Tetra Tech is helping to transform the system of local governance in Bangladesh. The project combines a focus on research and policy advocacy, capacity development for local government associations, and training and technical assistance for local government units at multiple levels and among associated citizens groups.

Tetra Tech is building on more than a decade’s worth of local government programs in Bangladesh supported by the U.S. Government and other donors. We are helping to generate greater consensus on the evolving roles and responsibilities of local government units while helping local officials and citizens’ forums to effectively respond to, advocate for, and fully implement an evolving local government legislative framework.

Your keenness to continue working in the area of local governance in Bangladesh, your patient hearing and action on my constant request for information, and your flexibility during the uncertainty surrounding the extension is what has given me the impetus to complete the extension modification.

Sherina Tabassum, Contracting Officer’s Representative, USAID

Through the SDLG project, Tetra Tech is building on the political will of national and local government officials, as well as citizen groups and nongovernmental organizations seeking to transform and strengthen the system of local governance in ways that benefit Bangladesh’s citizens, including the neediest.

We are working with approximately 600 local government units (LGUs) and associated Citizen-in-Governance (CiG) forums. Our core objective is to help Bangladeshi LGUs to become more effective and transparent service providers with inclusive and constructive links with citizen forums and the local community. Based on an integrated and sequenced package of training and technical assistance, Tetra Tech is engaging LGUs and CiG forums in participatory strategic planning. We are supporting participatory budgeting at the local level and developing revenue improvement plans for LGUs to increase tax and fee collection. Our approach also includes designing and developing quality service improvement plans for LGUs and encouraging ongoing monitoring and oversight of LGU decisions and management by local citizens’ groups.

Through SDLG, Tetra Tech is also supporting elected women officials while encouraging men, women, girls, and boys to better understand and welcome women’s contributions. The SLDG project is strengthening the voice of women by developing a Women’s Caucus within several local government associations in Bangladesh, as well as sponsoring research, conferences, and targeted advocacy that are sensitive to the issues identified as most important by elected women officials. These activities help to further clarify and reinforce the roles of women officials while assisting women to hone their leadership skills.