Tetra Tech is providing support to the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Regional Development Mission for Asia (USAID/RDMA) and bilateral missions with technical assistance, communication, and monitoring, evaluation, and learning to align energy programs with the overall objectives of the Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy (EDGE) hub in Southeast Asia.

As the implementing partner for the Southeast Asia EDGE hub, Tetra Tech offers strategic communications and monitoring and evaluation services to bilateral missions to support the robust and cohesive storytelling of USAID activity impact in the field. To assist with the preparation for future energy activities in the region, Tetra Tech also will offer technical briefings and information on energy-related technologies, trends, and international best practices to further improve USAID staff capacity.

Tetra Tech’s work under this contract will drive coordinated programming and reporting for energy projects funded by USAID across the Southeast Asia region. This will facilitate improved data collection; harmonization of results analysis; and increase the effectiveness of USAID energy activities in the region. Ultimately, the Southeast Asia EDGE hub will help accelerate the transition to sustainable, secure, and market driven energy sectors in the region.

Working with the regional and bilateral USAID missions, along with other implementing partners, Tetra Tech serves as an extension of the USAID/RDMA Regional Environment Office in reporting on and evaluating energy activities throughout Southeast Asia. Tetra Tech provides technical, coordination, and collaboration support related to energy program work; strategic communications; monitoring, evaluation, and learning; and private sector engagement. This demand-driven engagement enables harmonization of USAID energy programming, enhancing their ability to cohesively and effectively address cross-border/regional issues, as well as increasing the effectiveness of USAID energy activities.

Calling upon similar work completed in other regions, Tetra Tech is helping drive the successful planning and implementation of energy programs necessary to meet the rapidly increasing regional energy demand across Southeast Asia. This work will focus on accelerating the growth of the region’s energy markets in the four key areas of EDGE:

  1. Utility modernization
  2. Increased deployment of advanced energy systems
  3. Transparent, “best value” procurement
  4. Regional energy trade and integration

Tetra Tech’s work under this project has the potential to strengthen energy security of regional partners; increase transparency in markets to improve energy trading relationships; and expand energy access across the Indo-Pacific region. The activities undertaken will involve collaboration with and among all stakeholders, including other regional USAID hubs, USAID headquarters, bilateral USAID missions, other U.S. government partners, national government partners, the private sector, and financing institutions and donors.