Shanghai Headquarters for Johnson Controls

Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group helped the new Johnson Controls Shanghai headquarters achieve LEED Platinum—one of the first buildings in Asia to receive the certification.

The global technology and manufacturing giant wanted to expand its Asia Pacific presence and elected to build a five-story, 177,165-square-foot headquarters facility. The goal was to provide innovation and push the boundaries of sustainable design while maintaining a comfortable work space.

The building is expected to generate 44 percent savings in overall energy consumption compared to baseline standards. 21,500-square-feet of solar photovoltaics and advanced daylighting controls position the facility to achieve increased energy efficiency, while low-flow plumbing fixtures, a graywater treatment system, and a massive rainwater harvesting system that covers 50 percent of the building’s green roof and saves approximately 800,000 gallons of water each year also make Johnson Controls’ East Asia headquarters one of the country’s most water efficient.

Tetra Tech’s design incorporated a multitude of sustainable and high performance features, including:

  • Displacement ventilation with floor-mounted chilled beams
  • Geothermal system for condenser water system
  • Earth tube system for outside air intake
  • Ultraviolet lamp installation at the air-handling units
  • Condensate water collection and reuse storage system
  • Kitchen exhaust with variable air flow system
  • Photovoltaics and solar hot water system
  • Fuel cell system
  • On-site water purification system
  • Daylighting control

On top of its LEED Platinum certification, the Johnson Controls Shanghai headquarters received China Green Building Design Label Three Star Certification. It also received the first-ever Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiency (EDGE) design-phase certification for an office building in China.