Increases in traffic volume from significant community growth and commercial, industrial, and residential development in north Lethbridge led the city to prepare a preliminary design of Scenic Drive North. The detailed design and construction will restore acceptable levels of service for existing and future growth in north Lethbridge.

Tetra Tech was part of a team retained by the City of Lethbridge to provide environmental and geotechnical engineering services and quality assurance testing services during construction of an arterial roadway project. Tetra Tech conducted a pre-disturbance site assessment, historical resource mapping, and wildlife and rare plant surveys. Our team then prepared an environmental construction and operations plan. Tetra Tech also conducted a geotechnical evaluation and slope stability assessment and prepared a geotechnical report.

The construction of two lanes of the ultimate four-lane arterial will maintain or restore acceptable levels of service for adjacent roadways and complete the planned arterial loop around north Lethbridge.

The project design team went through a value engineering session to keep the project within budget. Because the project includes some lands that have historical native significance, our team conducted a screening with the local native tribe at the project site. The full project team and owner participated in a blessing ceremony at the start of construction.

Earthworks and underground utilities were completed in 2012; the remaining underground utilities and surface works, in 2013. The project team worked extremely well together and solved problems efficiently. The project was completed ahead of schedule and slightly under budget—even when some items that had been removed were added back into the project.

In addition to environmental and geotechnical design support services, Tetra Tech provided quality assurance testing services during construction.