Tetra Tech is delivering new technology and a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) control system as part of San Antonio Water System (SAWS) effort to diversify its water supply for residents in in San Antonio, Texas.

Tetra Tech designed the treatment plant for the Central Water Integrated Pipeline (CWIP) project to receive a new source of water and integrate treated water into the existing production system. Tetra Tech improved the design of the system expansion to include local and centralized control and data collection.

The CWIP project provides new source water to local residents. Tetra Tech provided design, bid, and construction administration services for this project, which includes a treatment plant, pump station improvements, and major transmission mains. As part of this project, Tetra Tech engineers designed a centralized control system for SAWS facilities with the flexibility to be controlled from a centralized master station or locally.

The project included multiple engineering disciplines in planning, design, and construction services. Tetra Tech worked closely with SAWS staff to define the standard SCADA elements that fit their operational, information technology, and business needs. Along with the new SCADA platform design, the project includes coordination with the integration of a new broadband radio communication system to transmit SCADA data, security information, and enterprise connections for operations staff.

Our team worked directly with SAWS to develop a SCADA framework for the Terminus Treatment Facility to provide reliability and operability of the site by a local operator workstation or by the master control room over the SAWS network. The system needed to deliver a utility-specific solution to support these unique demands and existing infrastructure.

Tetra Tech SCADA experts worked with SAWS to ensure the CWIP project used control system standards and procedures being developed for their new PlantPax SCADA standard. We ensured the design intent was carried over into tag naming, graphic development, communications protocol, remote access requirements, cybersecurity policies and procedures, and data requirements. Our team used its breadth of experience to provide options to SAWS to optimize their control ability within the framework of the new SAWS PlantPAX SCADA standards.