Rotary Wing Parking Apron Construction for Shindand Air Base, Afghanistan

Tetra Tech was the prime contractor on this design-build project, providing planning and construction services for the Rotary Wing Parking Apron in Shindand, Afghanistan.

...performance on the...contract has been outstanding. Construction quality and safety are also first-rate. [Tetra Tech] are arguably one of the best contractors I have worked with in my 13 months in-country here in Afghanistan.

Tetra Tech's work was praised in a May 2011 Contracting Officer's Representative performance letter

Under contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Middle East District, Tetra Tech was responsible for constructing an 111,200-square-meter parking apron (more than 27 acres). Tetra Tech also built taxiway areas (3,102 square meters), concrete airfield apron shoulders (11,936 square meters), 41 ground points, 246 tie-downs, and related marking and striping. Before starting construction, we added 1,400 linear meters of security fencing that was tied into the existing Shindand Air Base perimeter. The fencing was required to bring the work site within the bounds of the air base, which allowed the existing force protection measures to provide direct oversight of the project site and allowed for a secure entry and exit to the work area.

Tetra Tech maintained continuous flow of all pedestrian and vehicle traffic along roadways during project construction.

Tetra Tech completed the project three months ahead of schedule.