Tetra Tech is performing a $23 million hydroelectric construction project for Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation (RG&E), a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA. Under this project, Tetra Tech will reconstruct a water conveyance tunnel at RG&E’s Station 5 in Rochester, New York. This 45-megawatt run-of-river facility, in its current configuration, began electrical production in 1917. RG&E’s Station 5 is on the Genesee River, approximately 6.5 river-miles from Lake Ontario.

Station 5 tunnel transmits screened water 1,600 feet from an impoundment area to the powerhouse and turbine generating equipment. Tetra Tech’s scope of work for the reconstruction project includes reinforcing the tunnel and installing a new liner.

The RG&E rebuild effort is one of several hydroelectric and water projects that our clients throughout North America are planning to enhance water supply and power production.


“The tunnel reconstruction project is part of a $110 million modernization currently under way at this station,” said Hugh Ives, Manager, Hydro Operations, for RG&E. “The Station 5 modernization is another example of Iberdrola USA’s commitment to invest in sustainability and the protection of the environment, and will enable RG&E to generate clean, renewable hydropower for our customers for the next 100 years.”