Refurbishment of the Hilton Hotel in the Heart of Sydney

Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group was commissioned to design and document the electrical, communications, and security services for the refurbishment of the Hilton Hotel in Sydney’s central business district.

The refurbishment converted the Hilton into a state-of-the-art facility for both personal and business use. The design involved 600 guest rooms and a new façade to complete the premises’ new look.

The initial decision concerned whether to close the hotel during the refurbishment. Detailed design documentation, procedures, and plans were developed for both construction scenarios. The planning process included consideration of how the existing major services, such as the main switch room, communications building distribution room, and hotel PABX, could operate for the duration of the work. Based on financial considerations and the status of the Sydney tourist market, it was decided to close the hotel for the duration of the construction work.

Due to the scale of the refurbishment, all essential services were upgraded to comply fully with the Building Code of Australia, including those requirements applicable to places of public entertainment. Modern main switchboards, fully fire-rated electrical reticulation systems, and communication and security systems were designed to replace the original systems. Detailed liaison with other members of the consultant team and close liaison with the authorities was required.

In close association with the interior designers, Tetra Tech produced designs for new lighting, power, and communication channels in all hotel rooms. As part of the upgrade, additional data and telephone outlets were provided in each hotel room to give the business guest further facilities to communicate with clients and suppliers while staying at the hotel.