Tetra Tech provided a variety of technical and engineering services to help Glencore CCR Refinery in Montreal reduce the amount of selenium discharged in effluent to meet the standard limit of one milligram per liter.

The selenium from treating anodic sludges in the copper refinery was to be recovered in the form of selenious acid. Selenium was precipitated by the injection of sulfur dioxide in the selenious acid solution, which was then recovered by filter presses.

Tetra Tech’s support for the project ranged from hydraulic and feasibility studies, to preliminary engineering and detailed engineering, to technical support during construction and commissioning, as well as operations support.

The project included installing the following major equipment:

  • Sulfur dioxide analyzers
  • Oxidation-Reduction Potential analyzers
  • Fiberglass and stainless steel pipe, including a pipe bridge
  • Filter presses
  • Three fiberglass tanks
  • Centrifugal and mud pumps
  • Demisters
  • Power supply
  • Various civil works and structures

Tetra Tech was responsible for defining the project scope, schedule, and cost estimates in collaboration with the client (preliminary stages). Further tasks our team completed as part of the project were: analysis and risk management, including the hazard and operability study risk analysis; establishing the design basis, the schedule of operations, and the piping and instrumentation diagram/drawing; engineering, and preparation of the invitation to tender documents; support of the construction; programming of the control logic; staff training, transfer to the operation, and maintenance; planning, coordination, and fulfillment of the commissioning phase.