Tetra Tech provided quality assurance testing to Melcor Developments Ltd. during various phases of construction at the Canyons development in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Tetra Tech provided on-site compaction monitoring and construction management; concrete, asphalt, and laboratory testing; and senior technologist review as required. 

Leading up to construction, Tetra Tech was involved in many projects to assist with preparing an outline plan. Our team conducted Phase I environmental site assessments between 2002 and 2007 to determine the general subsurface conditions for the proposed development. Tetra Tech also completed well site reviews, wetland delineation and classification, a wetland compensation plan, pre-disturbance bird surveys, geotechnical evaluation, and slope stability and setback evaluation.

Phase 1 involved a temporary access road, earthworks for a wet pond, underground utilities, and surface works for the super collector roadway and roundabout, as well as a pump station and Phase 1 of the residential subdivision construction. 

Tetra Tech was also retained for quality assurance testing during Phase 2 of the residential subdivision.  That work included on-site compaction monitoring, as well as surface works such as concrete, aggregate, and asphalt; laboratory testing; and senior review as required.

Tetra Tech also performed compaction monitoring during the construction of Canyon Parkway.