Qantas International Transit Lounge Upgrade, Perth

Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group provided engineering solutions for the refurbishment of the Perth Domestic Terminal 3 and the Qantas Perth International Transit Lounge.


  • Client/Owner: Qantas
  • Architect: Noxon Giffen Architects
  • Contractor: Byte Construct
  • Completion Date: March 2018

Qantas Airways Limited, Perth Airport, and the Western Australian Government made a significant investment, upgrading the facilities to support the comfort and enjoyment of all travelers on this airline. To achieve this, Qantas enlisted the expertise of Tetra Tech to ensure that the Perth Qantas Lounge and the Terminal 3 extension were fully equipped, best in class, and customer focused.

The refurbishment of the members' lounge was holistically considered with customer experiences top of mind. Tetra Tech implemented new facilities complementing the new non-stop Perth to London route. This includes:

  • A plumbing solution that features jet lag reducing shower suites. Integrated into these are Tetra Tech designed lighting solutions, which features bright LED lighting which can be run in 15-minute sessions to help readjust your body clock to the local time zone
  • The mechanical solution enhances the wellness studio, which offers stretching and breathing classes held every 15 minutes, helping to relax passengers before a flight
  • Security was also a key element, which had to be pervasive in such a secure area, while also unobtrusive. This is exemplified by two outdoor decks, providing sunshine and fresh air and an authentic Perth experience while still maintaining the separation and security necessary in the space
  • The technology/ICT design supports the space as a highly capable business facility, including Free Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, wireless printing, personal messaging, and access to high-speed internet

Providing all these services to the appropriate standard was a considerable task made particularly challenging by the unmoveable completion date for the new Perth-London route.