Tetra Tech provided technical assistance to the City of Winnipeg for the development of several conceptual designs for the Provencher Paired Bridges, which replaced an existing aging steel bridge structure. Through public consultation, a visually striking concept for paired bridges (separate vehicle and pedestrian bridges) was selected.

The vehicle bridge is a 270-meter-long, 4-lane bridge designed in accordance with the latest American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Load Resistance Factored Design Specification. Two alternatives were designed and tendered. The lowest priced alternative was a five-span, continuous, precast concrete, trapezoidal box girder design. This design utilizes segmental construction techniques and discrete post-tensioning methods to make the superstructure continuous. Innovative designs for the piers minimized construction costs for the foundations. Galvanized reinforcement was used for the lower and upper deck reinforcement layers.

The pedestrian bridge is a 220-meter-long (equivalent to 440 meters long) asymmetric, cable-stayed bridge structure. The main span is 110 meters long (equivalent to 220 meters long).

The design of the bridge has been confirmed by a wind tunnel test conducted at the RWDI facility in Guelph, Ontario.