The rule of law in Kosovo is constrained by poorly defined and enforced property rights, especially the property rights of women and members of minority communities. The absence of an effective property rights regime weakens democratic governance, adversely affects human rights, disempowers women, and impedes sustainable economic growth. Formalized property rights and participation of women and minority populations are needed to encourage and maintain the growth of Kosovo’s economy.

The goal of the Property Rights Program (PRP), funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is to improve the property rights regime in Kosovo, strengthen the rule of law, and increase economic growth and investment. Tetra Tech is working toward four main objectives under the program:

  • Implement better coordination and policy priorities
  • Improve court procedures related to property claims
  • Enhance women’s and minority rights to use property in practice
  • Improve communication, access to information, and understanding of property rights

Working closely with the European Union (EU), we are assisting the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to develop a property reform strategy and new property law. We are helping to direct the property reform process and coordinate donor support. PRP is the only donor-funded project in Kosovo working to improve court procedures related to property claims, with emphasis on improving court practices to remove constraints to women inheriting property. Our court activities will inform EU assistance to the MOJ to draft implementation-oriented legislation.

PRP supports improved legal regimes, stronger implementation, and improved court performance. These, in turn, help to achieve USAID/Kosovo’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy objective to improve rule of law and governance to meets citizens’ needs. Improved legislation and court procedures also lead to an improved economic and business environment, supporting the second objective to increase investment and private sector employment.

We are building the capacity of Kosovo civil society organizations (CSOs) and municipal governments to administer USAID awards through grants and government-to-government agreements. The CSOs will develop and implement public information and advocacy campaigns about women’s rights to property. Municipal capacity will be expanded to improve delivery of property-related services, enabling citizens to more efficiently transact their rights to property.