Albania is on the doorstep of the European Union (EU); when it will cross the threshold to full membership depends greatly on its ability to establish a system of local governance that meets European standards and practices. To help Albania meet national-level standards for EU membership, the country needs a robust local government system that is both founded on an equitable financial base and provides essential public services to Albanians. The goal of the Planning and Local Governance Project (PLGP) is to provide technical assistance and training to the Government of Albania (GOA) and to local government institutions to help them successfully implement decentralization legislation, policies, and reforms.

Under PLGP, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Tetra Tech is working with GOA in four main areas:

Implement Effective Decentralization Policies and Legislation

Tetra Tech is helping the GOA to make informed decisions based on inclusive consultations to achieve more equitable resource distribution and service delivery. We promote the development of legislation that requires such consultations.

I would like to thank you very much on the continuous support you are providing to me, and to my team. […] I have received very good feedback from the Prime Minister, and he wants to be updated and will follow closely the further developments regarding this issue. I am very confident on the excellent work we will do together with PLGP and looking forward to the results of all this work.

Eglantina Gjermeni, Minister of Urban Development and Tourism
Improve Local Governance

Tetra Tech provides technical assistance and training to staff, assisting local governments to improve tax collection; find alternative methods to increase own-source revenues; manage assets under local government jurisdictions; and build the predictability, accuracy, and transparency of budgetary processes. We also help to raise citizens’ awareness of government functions, their own rights and responsibilities, and their need to participate in local government decision-making.

Improve Management of Local Services

Tetra Tech assists in ensuring that laws, policies, procedures, and services (such as water, wastewater, and solid waste management) are consistent with EU standards (environmental standards in particular). We assist governments and supervisory boards in developing skills, defining roles, and building the knowledge needed to manage and oversee jointly owned utility companies.

Plan and Manage Urban and Regional Growth

We provide technical assistance in developing the skills and knowledge needed to draft territorial plans. We assist the national Territorial Planning Agency in developing a framework for the National Territorial Plan in accordance with the Territorial Planning Law and implementing regulations. We encourage groups, businesses, and others to increase their participation in and oversight of territorial planning.

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