Because forest-derived products are so important to Liberia’s economy, promoting proper forest management is essential to keeping the communities there sustainable and thriving. The People, Rules, and Organizations Supporting the Protection of Ecosystem Resources (PROSPER) program, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, introduced, operationalized, and refined appropriate models for community management of forest resources for local self-governance and enterprise development in up to 10 target sites in Liberia.

Under the PROSPER program, Tetra Tech implemented activities to achieve three key objectives:

  • Expand educational and institutional capacity to improve environmental awareness and compliance, natural resource management, and biodiversity conservation
  • Improve community-based forest management leading to more sustainable practices and reduced threats to biodiversity in target areas
  • Enhance community-based livelihoods by creating sustainable forest and agriculture-based enterprises

Tetra Tech helped Liberia increase community forest management to develop sustainable and practical economic opportunities for communities that rely on forest resources. We also spread environmental awareness and encouraged stewardship of natural resources by building the capacity of legal and regulatory institutions. By strengthening such local bodies, we helped provide Liberia with not only the means to sustain policy that supports biodiversity conservation, but also the knowledge needed for regulatory institutions to create policies and action plans appropriate and practical for local Liberian communities.

In addition to forest management, Tetra Tech focused on establishing long-term enterprises in agriculture for local communities. We increased local knowledge of land tenure and property rights and environmental compliance. We also helped local Liberian communities tackle all aspects of climate change and the threat it poses to ecosystems and livelihoods.

Tetra Tech shared its community-level experiences with national-level decision makers to improve country-wide policy development for community-based forest management, agricultural and forest enterprises, and land tenure and property rights. We offered the insight needed to make the best-informed decisions for the current and future livelihoods of all Liberians.