Tetra Tech provided engineering services to rehabilitate the 33-year-old Osborne Street Bridge in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Situated in the central part of Winnipeg, the bridge is a major river crossing and one of Manitoba's busiest routes for vehicle, cyclist, and pedestrian traffic.

The bridge structure and adjacent roadways required extensive rehabilitation to extend the bridge’s lifespan by an additional 75 years, including:

  • Repairing existing deterioration caused by corrosion of reinforcement
  • Upgrading roadside safety details on the bridge to current design standards
  • Strengthening the bridge to accommodate current bridge design loads and upgrading the load-carrying capacity from 50 tonnes to 62.5 tonnes
  • Improving active transportation across the bridge and within the project limit

Tetra Tech conducted a condition assessment, conceptual design of the two bridge deck-widening options, and presentation of options for public feedback during the collaborative public consultation process. Tetra Tech then developed the selected a bridge widening option and implemented geometric improvements to the facility. After completing the detailed design of the rehabilitation and preparing tender drawings and specifications, Tetra Tech undertook rehabilitation works.

Tetra Tech met the rehabilitation needs using innovative design strategies such as partial-depth deck replacement; stainless steel reinforcing; a galvanic corrosion protection system; bearings and expansion joint replacement; widening deck overhangs; and covering the bridge deck with 50-millimeter-thick, high-performance concrete overlay.

By widening the deck overhangs, the project accommodated the needs of motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. A first-of-its-kind pedestrian- and cyclist-activated signal facilitates safe and convenient crossing at the north end of the bridge and connects to the existing active transportation infrastructure. Public art was integrated into the bridge design to emphasize the eclectic nature of the neighborhood and represent its rich history.


The project was recently recognized by the Manitoba Association of Consulting Engineering Companies and received the Award of Merit in the Infrastructure category.