Since 2006 Cornerstone Environmental Group, A Tetra Tech Company, has worked with the City of Riverview, Michigan, on its nationally recognized Riverview Land Preserve. This site is home to a carefully monitored municipal solid waste landfill with a closed portion that has been crafted into a golf course.

Cornerstone currently provides general engineering services for the entire landfill, including monitoring all media (groundwater, leachate, surface water, landfill gas, and air) and providing regular inspections of the landfill, construction forecasting, surveying, and support services for ongoing landfill activities. Cornerstone also provides all engineering services required for the operations of the facility including the design of landfill liners, leachate management systems, landfill gas collection and control systems, ancillary systems (such as access roads and stormwater management systems), and final cover systems. 

Cornerstone typically implements one to two large capital projects at the Riverview Land Preserve every year. Among these projects was the engineering design, construction management, and construction quality assurance (CQA) services for a new 18-acre cell, which began construction in July 2006 and was completed in December 2006. Cornerstone is undertaking the initial engineering and hydrogeologic work to begin a lateral expansion of the landfill. This project is anticipated to take 3 to 4 years and will involve relocation of up to 11 holes of the adjacent golf course. Currently, the landfill operates as a 4,000 ton-per-day municipal solid waste facility. The City plans to expand it with the help of Cornerstone.

Cornerstone also provides consulting work for the on-site landfill gas-to-energy facility, operated by DTE Biomass.